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Check out our huge list of great food dehydration related products.  If you have any questions, contact stephanie@efooddehydrator.com.  Thank YOU for supporting a Mom & Food Dehydrationist!

Let Stephanie Teach You How to Dehydrate @Home!

The time to start dehydrating is  NOW!  I have dehydrated more than 60 different fruits and veggies.  I have recorded them to show you how easy it is to start dehydrating at home.  Fresh, no added preservatives or sugar.  It is in YOUR control!  Eat a more raw, healthier diet in 2013 and beyond!  Our DVD is now on sale!!!  We are thrilled to be finished with our Dehydrating At Home W/Stephanie DVD is now available!  For more details, please send an email to me Stephanie@EfoodDehydrator.com and we will get it shipped out to you ASAP.  Here is more details.  Thank YOU for your support.  We are excited to be offering you our food dehydration tips, articles, discussions, videos and more via DVD.

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We have created a unique community focused on food dehydration, related things.  We have made almost 60 videos on how to dehydrate lots of different fruits and veggies.  There are so many exciting things happening in food dehydration.  Stay up to date by joining our Members Only Club for free!  All qualified members who join can enjoy our fun contests, forums, blogs and more.  Our exclusive food dehydration community is filled with information and each other.  Come join our club today!

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Get the scoop on how to stay up to date on how to prepare for an emergency. 
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2013 - Isn't It Time YOU Starting Dehydrating @Home? I Can Help!

2013 is the year you should start building your dehydrated food  supply.  Start the year off right and create your own dehydrated food supply, or ours.  Stock up your pantry and store for the future.  We can show you how to do it easily and affordably!  We can teach you how to dehydrate at home.  Contact us at ask@efooddehydrator.com
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